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When the Allman Brothers Band broke out of Macon, Georgia in the late 1960s,
it was as standard bearers of a new movement known as Southern Rock.
Although they remained an underground act for some time, their distinctive sound and dynamic live shows,
all but dominated by the unique guitar playing of Duane Allman, ensured that they, slowly but surely,
built a dedicated fan base and an ever rising profile in the media.

The sudden death of Duane in 1971, following a tragic motor cycle accident,
came at a time when the band were reaching the creative peak of their career,
and had honed their musicianship to such an extent that they were ready to carry the quality
of their live performances into the recording studio.

So as the Allmans began a new chapter in their story, the road ahead,
while embellished by some of the finest music to come out of America in the 1970s and beyond,
was also fraught with difficulty, hardship, and further tragedy,
but eventually proved a triumph for one of rock n roll s greatest survivors.

This film, from the producers and directors of the critically acclaimed
Song Of The South Duane Allman & The Rise Of The Allman Brothers Band,
this time takes the story of the post-Duane years and, with the contributions of past members
and those closest to the band across this period plus superb archive footage and classic interview material,
pieces together in the best way possible the fascinating history of this legendary group
who continued to perform and record almost 50 years after first treading the boards
as a young but hugely credible and enormously ambitious collective.

1. Introduction   (2:48)
2. Rebuilding   (7:13)
3. Country Fried   (8:14)
4. Laid Back   (8:07)
5. Tragedy & Triumph (20:32)
6. The Slow Dissolution (26:30)
7. The Comeback (11:38)
8. Lost In The 80's   (4:27)
9. No Angel   (8:00)
10. Into The Hall Of Fame (12:48)
  Extra Features:  
11. Written In The Stars -
The Founding Of Capricorn Records
12. Contributors Biogs:
- Alan Paul
- Alex Hodges
- Dick Wooley
- Johnny Sandlin
- Scott Freeman
- Tommy Talton
- Willie Perkins
  Main feature: 110 minutes