Sequel Records
RSA CD 904


Clarence Carter - Vocals, Guitar

Roger Hawkins - Drums
Barry Beckett - Piano

Marvell Thomas - Organ

James Johnson - Guitar

Albert Lowe - Guitar

Duane Allman - Guitar

Gene Miller - Trumpet
Aaron Varnell - Tenor Sax

Joe Arnold - Tenor Sax

James Mitchell - Baritone Sax

Floyd Newman - Baritone Sax

Background Vocals:

Alvin Willford, James Price, Cabwhiss Grandberry

According to Jimmy Johnson, in the 1960's studio guitarist
and sound engineer for Rick Hall's FAME Studio in Muscle Shoals, AL.
and in 1969 co-founder of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section
and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Duane Allman
plays on:

track 2: Duane on right channel. Jimmy Johnson chinking on left channel
track 3: Duane starts it of, plays the riff on the bass strings and plays the slide solo
track 5: Duane plays little lead fills and the little jazzy solo in the middle
track 7: Duane, Junior Lowe and Jimmy Johnson
track 9: Duane finger picking an acoustic guitar (left channel)
track 11: Duane plays the riff (right channel)
track 12: Duane and Jimmy Johnson (left channel)
1. I'd Rather Go Blind
2. Think About It
3. The Road Of Love
4. You've Been A Long Time Comin'
5. Light My Fire
6. That Old Time Feeling
7. Steal Away
8. Let Me Comfort You
9. Look What I Got
10. Too Weak To Fight
11. Harper Valley PTA
12. Weekend Love
Bonus Tracks:
13. Don't Make My Baby Cry
14. Take It Off Him (And Put It On Me)
15. The Few Troubles I've Had