(2 LP's ON 1 CD)

 Last House Records
LH 01


Tracks 1-9 originally released as: That Other Mile (1975)
Tracks 10-17 originally released as: Light Of The Night (1976)
On tracks 1-9:

Randall Bramblett - Keyboards, All Sax Solos, Guitar

Chuck Leavell - Keyboards on track 4
Paul Hornsby - Keyboards on track 4
Hugh McCracken - Guitar
Elliot Randall - Guitar

Al Gorgoni - Guitar

Bob Mann - Guitar

Scott Boyer - Guitar

Tommy Talton - Guitar

Eric Weissberg - Steel Guitar on track 5

Will Lee - Bass

Andy Muson - Bass on track 7

David Brown - Bass on track 4

Chris Parker - Drums, Percussion 

Rick Marotta - Drums on track 7
Bill Stuart - Drums on track 4
Alston Jack - Steel Drums
Jimmy Maeulen - Conga, Percussion
Steve Tyrell - Percussion
Horn Section:
Lew Soloff, Randy Brecker, Mike Brecker,
Barry Rogers, Lou Marini, Randall Bramblett
Background Vocals:
Joyce Bramblett, Mareetha Stewart, Johsie Armstead, Hilda Harris,
Barbara Massey, Will Lee, Randall Bramblett

On tracks 10-17:

Randall Bramblett - Keyboards, Horns (all solos)

Chuck Leavell - Keyboards
Allen Toussaint - Acoustic Piano on track 11

Bob Mann - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Horns

Davis Causey - Electric Guitars

Will Lee - Bass

Chris Parker - Drums, Percussion 

Steve Tyrell - Percussion
Background Vocals:
Joyce Bramblett, Mercedes Davis, Linda Hollingsworth,
Julia Humbles, Terrence and Vernon Manuel, Steve Tyrell
1. That Other Mile
2. Crazy World
3. You Caint
4. Driftin' Into A Woman's Arms
5. No Stone Unturned
6. Back To The Beginning Again
7. I'm Callin'
8. Everybody Got It On The Inside
9. Painting On The Wall
10. Will I Ever See The Day
11. King Grand
12. This Could Be The Worst
13. Light Of The Night
14. Living In A Dream
15. Carl Of The Jungle
16. The Joke Of The Coastal Plain
17. Tears, Tears, Tears