JRaw Records


Jimmy Nalls - Vocals, Guitars
Ray Kennedy
D.L. (Dave) Duncan
Lee Roy Parnell
Guthrie Trapp
Brent Maher
Rick Wheeler
on track 1:
Gary Nicholson
Charles "Chopper" Anderson
Lynn Williams
Brad Whitford
on track 2:
Robben Ford
Chuck Leavell
Larry Carlton
Brian Allen
Wes Little
on track 3:
JD Simo
Joe Bonamassa
on track 4:
Jack Pearson
on track 5:
Buddy Greene
Dave Pomeroy
on track 6:
Kenny Greenberg
Jimmy Hall
on track 7:
Warren Haynes
Johnny Hiland
Brent Mason
Herb Shucher
Mandy Shucher
1. Wood And Fire (4:30)
2. Natural Thing (5:00)
3. I Miss The Road (4:15)
4. Steal My Heart Away (3:53)
5. One More Chance (4:10)
6. Just Let Go (5:00)
7. Hearts Desire (6:32)




Nashville’s legendary music community is home to some of the world’s greatest musicians.
They’re a varied group of uniquely creative, talented and colorful people who not only write,
produce and perform some of the world’s greatest music, but also enjoy and support each other,
both as business associates and as friends – many forming lifelong bonds and friendships
beyond the scope of the world of music.

Mr. Jimmy Nalls is one of the great rock and blues guitarists of our time, yet today he can’t practice
the craft he devoted nearly his entire life to.
That’s because Jimmy has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 1995,
and has endured progressive degeneration of the disease for the past 22 years.
Jimmy had an incredible run playing the electric, acoustic and slide guitar
with a who’s who of bands and musicians, including jazz-rock supergroup Sea Level (founding member),
Chuck Leavell, Jaimoe (Jai Johanny Johanson - Allman Brothers drummer), Lamar Williams, Dr. John,
Gregg Allman, Bill Anderson, The Nighthawks, T. Graham Brown, Don McLean, Jack Pearson,
Lee Roy Parnell, Charlie Hayward, D.L. (Dave) Duncan, Alex Taylor, Bobby Whitlock, Bonnie Bramlett,
Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul and Mary), and many, many others.

Today, however, Jimmy is confined to a wheelchair and struggling more and more
to do the simple things in life we all take for granted.
His ability to speak and communicate is nearly gone, as is his ability to eat on his own, stand or walk.
Basically, Jimmy can’t do anything without assistance, and this obviously includes playing the guitar
and earning a living doing what he loves most – making music.
He sold off much of his gear long ago, and even with the help of organizations such as MusiCares,
donations from friends and various benefits held in his name, life is nearly always meager
and humiliating for Jimmy and his family.

During the mid-to late-1990s, and despite the onset of Parkinson’s’ debilitating symptoms,
Jimmy managed to record his first – and only – solo record/CD, titled Ain’t No Stranger,
which was released on MRL Records in 1999.
The record garnered high praise from both critics and industry professionals,
and seemed to set the stage for yet another successful musical run for Jimmy … this time as a solo artist.

Unfortunately, that never happened.

Shortly after Ain’t No Stranger was released, Jimmy began working on his second solo record.
He tried valiantly to work through the progressing challenges of Parkinson’s,
and with the help of longtime collaborator and blues artist D.L. (Dave) Duncan, they wrote, recorded
and left approximately 12 songs in various stages of completion.
Jimmy, himself, was able to record several key rhythm and lead tracks,
along with several keeper vocal tracks.
But eventually, tremors and other debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s
made singing and playing impossible for him, most ironically wrecking his extraordinary and trademark vibrato.

The frustration over his inability to complete the project became overwhelming,
and at times, downright unbearable, so the tracks were eventually shelved,
seemingly lost forever on a hard drive on a computer in Jimmy’s home studio.
Today, through a few ironic coincidences and the work of several close friends
and former coworkers coming together “behind the scenes,”
this compilation of new material has been given new life, and a new name – The Jimmy Nalls Project.

Over the last several months, an effort spearheaded by longtime – and world renowned –
Nashville luthier Joe Glaser, has been underway to gather his friends to put the finishing touches
on Jimmy’s long-lost second record.
The goal is – and always has been – to finish the record, release it to the world,
and allow it to generate some much-needed funds to help Jimmy and his family through these very difficult times.

Though retrieved in various stages of completion, the majority of the tracks and accompanying files
were sorted through and distributed to a very select group of Jimmy’s friends and colleagues,
all ready and eager to help complete – finally – The Jimmy Nalls Project record/CD and release it to world.

Flash drives were sent to various volunteer producers, engineers and artists, and each choose a track,
decided what parts were useable and what “guests” would work best to finish each song.
That “list of artists, producers, engineers and guests” includes Grammy-winners
such as Warren Haynes, Gary Nicholson, Ray Kennedy, Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford, Joe Bonamassa, JD Simo,
D.L. (Dave) Duncan, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Chuck Leavell, Lee Roy Parnell, Jack Pearson, Lynn Williams,
Dave Pomeroy, Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland, Herb Schucher, Brian Allen, Wes Little, Guthrie Trapp,
Kenny Greenberg, Jimmy Hall, Brent Maher, Chopper Anderson, Rick Wheeler, and Buddy Greene,
and several others.

From the start, the idea was to retain the spirit of Jimmy’s original tracks,
using some part of each of the original recordings.
Each track producer had the option of completing that track in whatever style and length was deemed to fit –
adding and/or replacing tracks as necessary.
While some artists have made their contributions remotely, the majority of the work was done
in several of Nashville’s world-renowned studios that donated studio time to help complete the project.

For the most part, this afforded Jimmy the opportunity to be an integral part of the process –
something that has helped reinvigorate his self-esteem and drive to see this project through to the end.
Nothing has been as rewarding as seeing the look on his face spending time in the studios,
lending a helping hand where and when he can, and watching his friends and former colleagues
come together in this collective effort to help him finish his long-awaited second solo effort.

Parkinson’s disease can strike anyone, and through their interactions with Jimmy, all of us have been able
to experience firsthand the ruthless nature of this terrible disease.
This not only urged everyone to lend their valuable time and talents to help complete the songs,
but also to save all studio paraphernalia involved, and employ their social media machines
to add visibility to the project and let the world know of the record’s availability
and the much-needed goodwill it will bring Jimmy and his family.

Some of these artists have known Jimmy for years, while others had never met him.
All, however, are fully aware of his history, and the obvious current challenges facing him and his family.
Even more importantly, throughout the course of the project they all have realized just how lucky they are
to do what they love – which is to make and play music.
The talents and services of all involved have been donated both freely and willingly,
and 100 percent of all monies raised will go into a special fund set up especially for The Jimmy Nalls Project.
This fund will be administered by two executors, who will oversee the distribution of funds over time
to Jimmy’s family to help offset the costs of his continued treatment,
as well as provide much needed improvements to make their home more handicap accessible.
This could have happened to anyone. But over the years, Jimmy has touched the lives, hearts and souls
of so many people, friends and colleagues, that now all of them have stood together proudly to complete
The Jimmy Nalls Project, and to show their love and desire to help this great man and his family
during their time of need.
Music is a labor of love, and The Jimmy Nalls Project is the absolute embodiment of that love.
Join with us and help make The Jimmy Nalls Project a success.

Jimmy Nalls died on June 22, 2017