from: Allman Brothers Band :
These are studio recordings The Allman Brothers Band made for Arista Records. Yes, I know, their
Arista period wasn't their most exciting. But still, it's The Allman Brothers Band! This stuff
hasn't been released. For obvious reasons. Apart from the fact that these sound like unfinished demos,
it's music that's a long shot from what we love them for. Many songs are sung by an (to me) unfamiliar voice.
It looks like they set out to embrace the 80's in all its glorious horror. Lifeless AOR, especially compared
to their previous output. And way too few songs sung by Gregg. But I thank Craig for making these available,
cause I really needed to check this out. And it's not all bad. Some songs would reappear on other albums.
Like "Let It Ride" (re-recorded for "Seven Turns") and "Anything Goes" (re-recorded for Gregg's "I'm No Angel").
And those familiar with the Betts, Hall, Leavell & Trucks Geneva , NY show, will recognize titles like
"Lorraine" and "Need Somebody's Help Tonight". R.I.P. David "Frankie" Toler. And thanks to E. for cleaning
the sound up a bit. I did some guessing on certain track titles. Sound quality is ok, I suppose, for it being
what it is. Of historical interest.


1. Let Me Ride (4:04)
2. Helpless (2:56)
3. Feel Your Love Again (3:58)
4. Face The Music (2:59)
5. Nobody Likes Being Alone (3:39)
6. We Got To Make Love (4:32)
7. Blinded By Love (3:05)
8. Anything Goes (5:08)
9. Lorraine (3:52)
10. Handle With Care (3:21)
11. Need Somebody's Help Tonight (2:27)