Rhino / Warner Music (UK)


Chér - Vocals
Eddie Hinton - Lead Guitar
Jimmy Johnson - Rhythm Guitar
Barry Beckett - Keyboards
David Hood - Bass

Roger Hawkins - Drums

The horn section probably involved:
Andrew Love, Charles Chalmers or Joe Arnold - Tenor Sax
Floyd Newman or James Mitchell - Baritone Sax
Wayne Jackson, Gene 'Bowlegs' Miller or Ben Cauley - Trumpet
Joseph DeAngelis or Earl Chapin - French Horn
The string section would have been directed by Arif Mardin
and probably led by:
Gene Orloff - Viola
Duane Allman was suspected to play on the following tracks:
track 1: dobro
track 3: guitar
track 4: electric slide guitar
track 9: guitar
but we have confirmation that he doesn't play on this album.
1. For What It's Worth (2:23)
2. (Just Enough To Keep Me) Hangin' On (3:17)
3. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (2:41)
4. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (3:08)
5. I Threw It All Away (2:49)
6. I Walk On Guilded Splinters (2:32)
7. Lay Baby Lay (3:36)
8. Please Don't Tell Me (3:35)
9. Cry Like A Baby (2:46)
10. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (3:21)
11. Save The Children (2:52)