Henry Stone Music USA, Inc.
HSM 5041-2


Scott Boyer - Guitar, Vocals

David Brown - Bass

Butch Trucks - Drums

Duane Allman & Gregg Allman on track 13

This track is a mono version of 'In The Morning When I'm Real' that is probably taken from the 1969
non-album single release '
In The Morning When I'm Real / Porcelain Mirrors' (Vanguard VRS-35087, 1969).

The same backing track (but without the horns) was used for the 1972 LP release 'Duane & Greg Allman' (Bold Records 33-301).
It is possible that Vanguard took the backing track from the September 1968 sessions (with Duane and Gregg Allman
and released on the Bold LP), added horns and released it as a single.
Another possibility, however, is that the backing track was not recorded at the September 1968 sessions at all,
but was a leftover from the sessions for the '31st Of February' Vanguard LP.
In that case Duane and Gregg Allman don't play on the track.
It is the only track on the Bold Records LP where Gregg Allman doesn't sing the lead vocals.

Update November 4, 2013:
On November 4, 2013 Scott Cantor spoke with Steve Alaimo, one of the producers of this album.
He confirmed that Duane and Gregg Allman played on 'In The Morning When I'm Real',
recorded at the September 1968 sessions at the Tone Studios in Hialeah, FL. with the '31st Of February'.
These sessions were released in 1972 on the LP 'Duane & Greg Allman' (Bold Records 33-301).
Steve Alaimo added horns to the recording of 'In The Morning When I'm Real'
and released it as this single in 1969 (Vanguard VRS 35087).

(Thanks to Scott Cantor for this information and for contacting Steve Alaimo)

1. Sandcastles (2:45)
2. Porcelain Mirrors (2:58)
3. Broken Day (2:59)
4. Wrong (2:13)
5. The Greener Isle (2:44)
6. Cod'ine (6:21)
7. A Different Kind Of Head (2:47)
8. Pedestals (2:26)
9. Free (2:31)
10. A Nickel's Worth Of Benny's Help (4:22)
11. Pick A Gripe (2:09)
12. Cries Of Treason (3:22)
  Bonus Track:  
13. In The Morning When I'm Real (2:36)